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Features List by Versions

Version (beta) (February 25, 2016)

- corrected bug: weeks/years where shown incorrectly after database update (everything was ok again after program restart)
- corrected processing of registration form
- matches tooltip: players info is shown as bold text
- matches tooltip: matches/tournaments from newest to oldest
- matches tooltip: tournaments are separated by years

Version (beta) (February 13, 2016)

- grid: tooltips corrections
- grid: added checked box drawing for bool columns (like indoor or left hand)
- Players List: initially sorted by ATP Entry Ranking
- Players List: "Left Hand" (checked box) instead of "Hand" (string) column
- Week View: added Tournament_StartDate column (combined with Week) in MatchList grid
- MatchList grid: added "Indoor" column for tournaments
- MatchList grid: added "Left Hand" column for players

Version (beta) (January 18, 2016)

- added ATP Race Points, ATP Entry Ranks, ATP Entry Points for 2016
- grid: collapse/expand of groups works when clicking on whole area left to cell text (not necessary to exact hit "plus" icon)
- MatchList grid: added Year_Actor_Surface_Prize, Actor_ATPERank (Entry Rank) columns
- Tree grid: corrected presentation of "Alternates"
- MatchList grid: added Year_Actor_Tournaments, Year_Actor_Surface_Tournaments
- StartDate column sorted by value (not by string presentation)

Version (beta) (January 6, 2016)

- grid: corrected filters
- grid: groups not complying with filter (or with no rows complying with filter) are hidden
- grid: corrected highlighting/reset
- instead of Match_Date there is Tournament_Start_Date used overall
- added Year_Player_Prize column in TournamentList of player's profile
- SamePlayer tab contains only 1) matches for last 2 years 2) on the same surface as selected match 3) if all 3 players (2 players of selected match + SamePlayer) are present. SamePlayer tab is absent if there are no such matches

Version (beta) (January 4, 2016)

- grid: corrected sorting and filters for groups
- grid: corrected tooltips
- tournaments are shown with country flags, instead of City/Tournament columns
- removed AllPlayers tab

Version (beta) (December 28, 2015)

- added ATP Race Rankings for 2016 - added Race Rank, Points, Tournaments columns in Players List window
- added tournaments with Round Robin stages support (matches of RR stage are only shown in Match List window yet)
- added images in grouped-combined columns
- added hyperlinks in grouped-combined columns
- some minor drawing corrections

Version (beta) (December 07, 2015)

- grid: multi-level captions (including filters and sorting). It is possible to filter/sort groups by data in grouped columns (you can use it in MatchList View for player)
- grid: corrected filter/sort boxes presentation
- grid: some minor corrections in drawing

Version (beta) (November 23, 2015)

- added tooltips to captions and icons in grids
- added tournament number in PlayerList grid
- improved Player matches tooltip positioning
- added code signature

Version 1.0.6.beta (October 28, 2015)

- added "This Week" window with overview of players, tournaments, matches during ongoing week
- "About" dialog box is extended with "Info" button - shows information on current number of Players, Tournaments, Matches in database
- correction in "Player Info" grid for players with no information about birthday or playing hand
- corection in filters - in some non-Latin versions of Windows some non-Latin symbols were shown incorrectly (problem with encodings)

Version 1.0.5.beta (October 25, 2015)

- added global players list ("All Players" Tab)

Version 1.0.4.beta (October 21, 2015)

- Match Window: added "SamePlayer" tab/grid with matches played by current match participants against the same opponents

Version 1.0.3.beta

- Tournament Window: added "Player List" tab/grid with list of players in tournament

Version 1.0.2.beta (October 13, 2015)

- Player Window: added MainView with PlayerInfo grid and PlayerTournaments grid
- added Help button in Software Update MessageBox (opens according Online Help page)

Version 1.0.1.beta (October, 2015)

- data updates (ATP tournaments from 2004 till now)
- software/database update functionality
- registration (also for phpBB forums)
- Tournament List window
- Tournament window: includes tabs with Overview, Match List, Qualification Draw and Main Draw views
- Player window: includes tab with Match List view
- Match window: includes Head-To-Head and Match List views for both players + players info
- Data Tooltip in Qualification/Main Draw views - shows detailed tournament/matches information on highlighted player

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