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Please take a look at our Shop Help Page for information on avaliable packages and conditions of purchase.

With purchasing any data package you will be eligible to updates of this package with extended data. For example when in the future there will be results for ATP World Tour tournaments from say 1990 till 2004 available - you as an owner of "ATP World Tour (singles, scores), complete" package will be also getting data for these years without any additional payment.

Please note: All data packages are downloaded in your WorldTennisTracker application during Update and stored on your PC locally. After updating, data is available for you any time - you do not need Internet to use the data in WorldTennisTracker programm.

Following packages are available for purchase:

Data packagePriceTo Cart
ATP World Tour (singles, scores), complete [currently from 2004] ( + 5 WTT Points )$5
ATP Challenger Tour (singles, scores), complete [currently from 2004] ( + 15 WTT Points )$15
ITF Futures (men, singles, scores), complete [currently from 2014] ( + 10 WTT Points )$10
ATP Rankings (singles), complete [currently from 2014] ( + 3 WTT Points )$3

WTT Points packagePriceTo Cart
100 WTT Points ( + 10 WTT Points )$10
250 WTT Points ( + 23 WTT Points )$23
500 WTT Points ( + 44 WTT Points )$44
750 WTT Points ( + 63 WTT Points )$63
1000 WTT Points ( + 80 WTT Points )$80

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