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Data accuracy

As already mentioned in overview a lot of efforts are invested in checking of statistical data from different sources and resolving inconsistencies. The motivation is to create the most precise tennis tournaments statistics on the web. There are 2 main sources of statistical data in men's tennis:

- official International Tennis Federation (ITF) internet site
- official Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) internet site

Most of data on both sites is consistent though there are also some differences:

- often surface/outdoor/prize information about ATP/challenger tournaments is misleading on ITF site and the same about ITF Futures tournaments on ATP site
- there are also errors in scores. For example, sometimes tie-break result is not shown
- sometimes the same player is represented by several profile pages in ITF or ATP site. As a consequence tournaments/matches of such players are also split between different profiles and there is no profile which includes ALL tournaments/matches

Such and other errors are normally propagated by other sites which are relying on one of these main data sources. But in WorldTennisTracker software they were corrected so the data is as consistent as possible. Also tournaments of the same type (like for example, Australian Open of different years, etc) are combined much better and consistent than in other sources (including Wikipedia pages of concrete tournaments).

Still it is very likely there are some undetected errors present. Please let us know if you will find something wrong and we'll check and correct it.

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