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Installation Guide

1. Download installation file (please find download link in Downloads section) and execute it.

2. You will see a security warning like this:

Note (browsers): Some browsers may warn about suspicious software - it can usually happen to every software which is rarely downloaded and not yet known to browser. Keep the installation file to proceed with installation.

Note (antiviruses): Some antiviruses may remove installation file and/or installed programm into quarantine - you should restore the software from there manually to use it.
Also some antiviruses may prohibit reading even from public folders - in this case there will be error after starting programm because database will not be read. If it happens to you, please allow reading and writing the folder where WorldTennisTracker program is located manually (writing is necessary to perform updates).

Note (Windows XP): In older versions of Windows XP (without Service Pack 2 installed) you will need to "Unblock" installation file to execute it. Do do this go in properties of downloaded WTTSetup.exe (right-click on icon and selecting Properties) and click "Unblock" button.

3. After proceeding with "Run" the installation process will be started.

You will not need any administrator privileges to install the software even if you have UAC (User Account Control) activated on Windows Vista/Windows 7 or above. The software will store all necessary files in publicly-available folder and will not make any changes in your system files/folders and registry.

4. Please continue with the installation instructions until completing the installation.

5. After finishing the installation you can proceed with the First Run.

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