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Known problems and planned features

Data content:
- add ATP "multistage" tournaments (like ATP World Tour Finals or World Team Cup)
- add WTA tournaments from 2004 till now
- add ATP and WTA tournaments from "Open Era" start
- add all Challengers
- add all Futures
- add Davis Cup and Fed Cup tournaments
- add ranking points for matches/tournaments

Data presentation:
- add Player Profile window - done
- add support for "multistage" tournaments - done

Data grid:
- activate manual column resizing
- activate manual column moving/exchanging
- activate manual grouping/ungrouping by column

If there are any other features you would like to see implemented - please start topic in "Feature Requests" part of Forum.
If you have noticed a bug or some inconsistent statistical information - please start topic in "Technical Support / Bug Reports" part of Forum.

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