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You can register the software using your preferred nickname/password/e-mail. There are some benefits you will be getting as a registered user:

- only as a registered user you are getting data of: a) ATP World Tour from 2011 b) ATP Challengers from 2016 c) ITF Futures from 2017 d ) ATP Rankings from 2017

- during registration also an account in our Forums with the same credentials (nickname/password/e-mail) will be created. Also account on our issues-tracking system:WTT MantisBT with the same username/e-mail will be created.
You will be able to log in, start threads, comment, issues, etc.

1. For registration please use menu command "Help" -> "Registration...". There will be dialog window shown:

2. Please fill in according boxes nickname, password and e-mail. This data will be used for your acount in our Forums . Also your e-mail will be used for account activation - you will be getting e-mail with a link from phpBB forums system. Only after you use the link and activate your account, your registration will be complete and you will be able log into Forums and update your database with additional matches/tournaments.

Please note: software makes no checking of your e-mail address validity, therefore check address carefully yourself - because e-mail with activation link will be sent on this address.

3. After filling all fields and clicking OK, validation of data will be made and your acount will be created. If registration was successfull the following message will be shown:

4. After activating your account using link in e-mail - you will be getting additional matches results during update.

Please note: checking if your account has been activated will be performed only during next data update.

Re-using data from previous installation/registration

If you already have registered account (for example if you installed the software, made registration with your preferred username/e-mail, uninstalled the software but sometimes later installed it again) - you may want to use the same phpBB login/e-mail for your fresh installation. Please check "Use existing phpBB account" checkbox in this case - your current registration will be bound to the existing account. It will happen only if nickname/password are valid (you are able to log into Forums) and the e-mail was used for this account.

It is still possible to use the software as an unregistered user. But in this case you will not be able write in forums and you will be only getting data for this year ATP World Tour/Challengers tournaments.
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