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With every purchase in our Shop not only you are getting data packages but also some WTT Points. These points may be used to increase priority of implementing features or resolving bugs in our Support system. With WTT Points you may sponsor some features or bugs requests. Features/bags which collect most WTT Points from you and other users will be implemented/resolved with high priority (or even asap).

Normally you will be getting 1 WTT Point for $1 in data packages purchase. Let's say you've bought "ATP World Tour (singles, scores), complete [currently from 2004]" data package for $5 - in this case you will be also credited with 5 WTT Points.

Your WTT Points are shown after logging into Shop or in Support system in the top-right corner near your nickname.

To sponsor a bug or feature with your WTT Points in Support system - please click on bug/feature you are interesting in, expand "Users sponsoring this issue" box, put number of WTT Points you are willing to sponsor and press "Sponsor" button. If there are any problems (for example, amout you are trying to sponsor exceeds amount of WTT Points on your account) there will be according error message and possibility to go back and repeate.

If sponsoring was successfull - your nickname and amount you've sponsored will be shown in "Users sponsoring this issue" box. According WTT Points will be substracted from your account.
You can change amount you are sponsoring - just put another amount in the box, click "Sponsor", new amount will become actual and your WTT Points ballance will be changed accordingly. If you are willing to cancel sponsoring some issue - put 0 in the box, click "Sponsor", your sponsorship will be deleted and your WTT Points will be returned to your account.

There are also pure WTT Points packages in our Shop. Please consider it as a kind of donation (for the case you like the software and are in kinda "giveout" mood :) ) - and use purchased WTT Points to sponsor features you need asap. Priority of implementing such features will be high.

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